Vilassar de dalt, Spain

Vilassar Garden



Integral reform of the garden


400 m²







Updating a garden

The assignment consisted in the integral reform of all exterior spaces. It started from a space with grass, a pool and a large oak that dominates the front of the house.

The building was a high area overlooking the sea and the town of Vilassar de Dalt, played an important role that had to be enhanced. We worked 4 levels of the plot: access on the ground floor, the garden on the first floor, the terrace on the second floor and the attic area.

In the access floor a patio with tropical vegetation is created, to make from the entrance a focal point of interest.

For the garden, the intention was to create a defined boundary between the planted parts, the transited parts, and the lawn. We worked on offset to the wall generating polygonal lines to give rhythm and thickness to the plantations that form the limit. This polygonal language also appears in the new rear wall and in the tensors that cover this wall.

For the pavements, a gray tile was used in the different spaces to be reformed (accesses, porch, and pool), creating continuity between them. The project strategy was based on the use of existing materials and colors in the building, such as brick and the white color, for the composition of the garden spaces, unifying the house with it.

Different groups of plants are used in the terraces. on the second floor being an area more shaded, tropical plants were placed. At the attic more Mediterranean plants were placed capable of bearing the sun. In both places the vegetation was ordered to accentuate the visuals towards the landscape that surrounded the building.



Sergio Lobato

Albert Castejón