Paris, France

Town market “Ville L’Haÿ-les-Roses”



Landscape project for outdoor areas of a market


5318 m²







A market within a green corridor.

This market is inserted in the “coulée vert”, a green corridor of the suburb. Accordingly, besides the typical activities of a market have been considered the uses of a green spaces to give continuity to the corridor. The design of the site must fit some requirements such as surface of exterior stands and the space need it for the unloading/loading of stock trucks. Also, we had to take into consideration that a part of the plot belongs to the Paris water company where we cannot plant trees or have facilities that were not removable.

Our project starts successfully integrating the market square with a linear park. For it, the outdoor spaces take the form of the market. In the park we have uses associated with the path and uses associated with the market. Through the development of green spaces planted with shrubs, pastures, and perennials with areas of fields in bloom that will preserve the harmony necessary for ecological balance thus promoting biodiversity.

The proposed open space along the boulevard is planted with a mixture of various herbs and flowers. The edges of the space will be maintained extensively to provide a floral transition to the playground and rest areas.

The program as shown in the diagram occurs linearly. Users from all generations who live these spaces are sought, encouraging the mix of uses. Banks appear on the side of the square, as well as on the path to give visitors the opportunity to choose.

The children's playgrounds, being in the area belonging to the waters of Paris, will be pieces of wood designed specifically so that they can be dismantled if necessary. These areas are complemented with grass areas to increase the play area but are kept limited or closed through wooden fences and medium height vegetation.

Water management

For the management of rainwater there are two types of systems, on the one hand, a traditional sanitation that recovers the water from the roofs of the market and the hard pavement surfaces, on the other hand, an infiltration purification for all the planted spaces, and permeable surfaces.

For the impermeable part, drainage lines perpendicular to the slope will collect rainwater to store the water in a buried collector. In the planted zones, part of the water will infiltrate, and another will be absorbed by the roots of the vegetation. The vegetation in its vegetative process will evaporate the water, closing the circuit.



Mar Armengol

Sergio Lobato, Mariana Gomes