Barcelona, Spain

Hotel “Le Meridien” Patio



First phase for hotel's yard


190 m²


Hotel Le meridien





Room's windows as a painting to enhance their views through the vegetation.

The hotel needed to create better views from the rooms for its guests. Before the project, the rooms looked to a wall and a fence with little aesthetic value.

We saw the opportunity to enhance the rooms views of the first floor. Treating the windows as a painting; and the exterior space and wall as a blank canvas where we could intervene.

The existing enclosure was "hidden" behind a new one. A fence of wooden slats to give greater warmth, also playing with its heights to keep allowing indirect light pass through. Creating planters with greenery between the fence and the window, playing with the species and their arrangement, makes possible to create different views from each window. Species suitable for the micro-climate of the space were used, permitting a low maintenance. The use of perennial plants and deciduous carpets, to feel the change through the seasons (red in autumn), made each window a living painting with a dynamic image.

We designed circulation paths for the maintenance of the hotel's existent facilities as well the maintenance of the projected garden.

As time goes by, the vegetation will grow and conquer the spaces making it a greener place.



Sergio Lobato

Alejandra Coll