Madrid, Spain

Serrano 85 patio



Common areas design for a residential building


330 m²




2016 - 2017



Through the common spaces it was sought to give the sensation of being in a garden, to enhance them and give them a new identity.

A residential building in the center of Madrid, has been restored and reformed to accommodate high quality apartments therefore is necessary that the common spaces have more quality. The idea is simple, the different uses integrate with the vegetation to give the feeling of being inside a garden. The project has five yards and two terraces on the rooftop.

Two symmetric zones define the design. On both zones we sought to free the central spaces to maximize its use. Left space is a permanent zone and the right one is a solarium.

The vegetation redefines the limits and its volumes change the relationship that users will have with the existing views and brick walls. From the passage to the area of services ??facilities is relegated to the left zone to maximize the solarium lawn.
The location of the pergolas on the side of the building is justified by the orientation of the building, creating a shadow zone in the southern part.

The wooden benches were placed in the shaded areas creating different areas of being. An auxiliary element, like a bar, will allow more playful uses such as parties or picnics on the roof. To visually improve some areas of the roof like the services facilities, it is proposed the placement of a vertical garden to increase the feeling of greenery.

The solarium is defined by a central space of grass, wooden pallets, and a shower. To integrate the shower and give some privacy, we used a variant of the pergola of the permanent zone. As an option we also proposed a stage be transformed into a low pool where people can enjoy the sun in the water.

A different identity was created for each patio through the materials and vegetation.

The central courtyard was designed as a connection and stay area. Because of its location and form, we sought that this noble space be elegant and sober. The stone is opposed to gravel and vegetation. The seats and the ornamental fountain are square volumes of stone that play with the pavement and give a structure to the space.

The presence of three trees, apart from giving a vertical structure to the patio, help to create different views from the windows.

The courtyards of the gym and the multipurpose room are composed of wood, galvanized steel and vegetation. Wood appears here as it is a more exclusive and more stationary space, where the quality of this will warm the spaces. Being the same principles in both, they are structured in different ways to create different environments.

For ornamental patios, different options with artificial plants are proposed for two reasons, the lack of light and the reduction of maintenance costs for two areas that do not have a stationary or passing use. The proposed option seek to enhance these secondary spaces.



Sergio Lobato