“Our mission is to make that the landscape positively transforms people’s lives.”

"We create sensitive and appropriate solutions for complex urban sites."

“We make resilient landscapes, that adapt to each place and last over time”

The landscape is dynamic, the same place can surprise us throughout the day, month and year.

“The environment is an essential element in every project, that completes them.”

We are a multidisciplinary landscape studio located in Barcelona, founded by Sergio Lobato in 2011.

We are experts in landscape and design. We create projects from the conception of the idea to the design development generating the documentation needed for construction.

We work for companies and individuals, collaborating with architectural teams, engineers and interior designers, in national and international projects.

Our two fundamental pillars are the people and the landscape. We always analyze the environment looking of how it can improve the daily life of its inhabitants, and how the people should complement and enable to improve the nature around them.

In short, people transform the landscape and it also influences the people who inhabit it. We act seeking to maintain a balance between the two, a symbiosis relationship. But also, the landscape have its own dynamics, that we use to help to create landscapes as resilient as possible.

Personas Paisaje

What we do

We make projects on different scales, collaborating with architectural teams, engineers and interior designers, city halls and others.

The team

Sergio Lobato

Founder · Landscape designer

When I was studying agricultural engineering my interest for the landscape started and this led me to study landscaping in Barcelona. This double tittle gave me a plastic and scientific look of the landscape. My experiences in Paris and Barcelona as a landscape designer helped me to be nimble and to acquire enough skills to resolve project at different scales.

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2009 - Landscape MBLandArch. Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya (UPC)

2005 - Agricultural engineer. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). Class valedictorian.

I have collaborated as a freelancer, teaming up with several offices of architects, landscape designers, engineers and interior designers for the conception and development of architectural and landscape projects; such as Michel Desvigne Paysagiste, La Rosa Maura, Ana Coello Architecture and Landscape and BOM architecture and others.

Mariana Gomes

Collaborator · Landscape architect

My studies as an architect made that each project begin with a site analysis as an essential point allowing me to see Caracas, as a place of opportunities to improve the city and the life of its inhabitants. The landscape was my main interest, so i moved to Barcelona to complete the landscape architect master. Later I did a postgraduate in product design, when i started collaborating with Sergio in his studio where I take care of the details at a graphic and constructive level in each project.

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2018 - Post-graduate product design.

2015 - Landscape architect. Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya (UPC)

2013 - Architect. Universidad Central de Venezuela. (UCV)

In Venezuela I worked in different architecture studios, as well as freelancer.

Work with us!

If you want to work with us, send your cv to info@lobatolandscape.com


We are always pursuing to create integral and complete projects, so we team up according to the type of project to offer you the best.

Collaborators and clients